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Kitchen Flooring Ideas & Photos - Best Floor Options

The most important problem with using hardwood flooring in the kitchen is that wood is easily damaged by water. Because the kitchen is a moisture filled environment, you have to be careful with choosing best wood for flooring.

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When choosing flooring for your kitchen, it’s important to choose something that can withstand the wear and tear of this high traffic zone.

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Your kitchen floor, besides being practical and durable, is a major design statement as well. The floor you choose affects every other element of your design and with the variety of materials, colors and textures available today, your choices are nearly endless.

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17 Quick Guides to Kitchen Flooring and Countertop Materials.Terracotta Kitchen Floor Tiles * * * Welcome to The Kitchn's Best of 2012 roundup!

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The quintessential kitchen flooring surface, ceramic tile is a fail-safe bet for just about any style and budget. Your options for color, size, shape and pattern are virtually limitless, so you can create the look that suits you best, whether that’s sleek and contemporary or lavish Old World.

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Design, color, and surface are important considerations, but don't overlook comfort, durability and easy care—particularly in kitchen flooring.

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The kitchen floors that stood up to pounding in Consumer Reports' tough flooring tests. Plus how to find the best floor for your home.

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Tile flooring is a natural choice for kitchens. Tile is hard, durable, water-resistant and shrugs off stains. Plus, it’s beautiful—your kitchen flooring ideas will blossom when you look through the huge array of styles, shapes and colors available.

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Ceramic and porcelain tile, in my opinion, represent the best of all worlds for kitchen flooring. Learn which option is best for your home.

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Hardwood flooring comes as either solid wood or engineered wood planks. Engineered wood planks have a top veneer of real wood backed by a layer of plywood that make the planks stable and the flooring less susceptible to humidity and temperature — a good kitchen flooring idea.

Kitchen Flooring Ideas and Materials - The Ultimate Guide

But the latest carpet tiles are a modern kitchen floor solution. Designed and tested to be industrial grade for high traffic areas, made of durable, easy to clean materials and easy to install, they may be the perfect kitchen flooring idea. The best part is that a carpet tile can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

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Think about the time you have for cleaning and maintaining your kitchen flooring. Know that high-maintenance flooring might look great, but it also requires pampering to stay that way. Finally, select kitchen flooring complementary to the cabinets, wall coverings, furniture, and other design elements in the room.

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Lifestyle considerations aside, flooring experts usually consider porcelain tile the best kitchen flooring option. Porcelain tile, made from thick material, resists cracking from pressure, such as when items fall onto it. Porcelain is fired longer than ceramic, making porcelain the more durable choice.

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Weigh your options and find out which one is best for you. SOLID WOOD FLOOR..You will need to consider the size of the kitchen when choosing the flooring material.

Kitchen floors – your options - PLANNING GUIDES - Rona, Inc.

Aside from durability, longevity and even style, there are other considerations to keep in mind when choosing a flooring material for your kitchen. Size of the space: You will need to consider the size of the kitchen when choosing the flooring material.

What is the Best Material for a Kitchen Floor? (with pictures)

The best material for a kitchen floor is one that can stand up to regular traffic, is easy to clean, and isn't easily damaged or stained by spills of water or food. Most builders recommend hardwood, tile, linoleum, or a laminate designed specifically for the kitchen.

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Kitchen flooring ideas including tiles, stone, wood, laminate, resin, cork and more. Find the best flooring for your kitchen with our guide.

Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas - What Are Your Choices & Options?

The best kitchen flooring is that which fits your lifestyle and budget. What kind of flooring is best in a kitchen depends on how the room is used, the house’s style, and your budget. You simply cannot afford to compromise on either one of them.