We serve families and
individuals most in need, regardless of religious
beliefs or faiths.

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• Clothing for all ages
• Shoes • Jewelry
• Accessories • Antiques
• Books • Records
• Music • Games • Toys
• Kitchenware • Furniture
• Small Appliances
• Artwork
• Sporting Goods
...and Much More!

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Your Purchases and
Donations Support:
Food distribution - over 2.1 million pounds annually of nutritious food goes to those in our community most in need
Vouchers - Free clothing or household essentials distributed to families and individuals in need
Emergency Financial Assistance - help to pay rent and utilities
Pet Services - Financial assistance to qualifying seniors for emergency veterinarian medical services for their dogs and cats
Funds raised in
Santa Barbara County
stay in Santa Barbara County

609 East Haley Street
Santa Barbara CA 93103

Phone: (805) 966-9659
Fax: (805) 963-2978

Proceeds from all
Thrifty Shopper
sales are used by
Catholic Charities Santa Barbara
in its mission to help prevent
hunger and homelessness in
Santa Barbara County.